Claudia Olson's 15 Two-Block Quilts PDF

By Claudia Olson

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Assembly Refer to the quilt layout on page 65. Beginning with a Pine Burr block and alternating with the Pieced Star blocks, lay out and sew the quilt in five rows with five blocks in each. Pieced Border 1. Sew four 2"-wide bright blue strips and four 2"-wide white strips together lengthwise in pairs. Cut crosswise into 2" segments. Cut sixty-eight. 2. Sew a 2"-wide medium blue strip and a 2"-wide white strip together lengthwise. Cut crosswise into 2" segments. Cut twenty.

Sew the units from step 3 together as shown. 2. Sew small beige triangles on adjacent sides as shown. Make four. 5. Refer to “Quick-Corner Triangles,” page 106, and position a 21⁄ 2" gold square on a 21⁄ 2" x 41⁄ 2" brown rectangle. Stitch to make a triangle corner. Press. Repeat to make a triangle on the opposite end. Make four. 40 1 5 Tw o - B l o c k Q u i l t s 6. Sew a small green triangle onto each end of the units from step 5 as shown. corner, and brown triangles on the upper right and lower left corners.

4. Sew a white rectangle to the unit from step 3 as shown. Make four. 9. Sew 21⁄ 2" blue squares to both ends of the remaining units from step 7 and sew to the top and bottom of the block. 5. Sew the four units from step 4 together as shown. Kansas Windmill 57 6. Sew two of the units from step 2 to the sides of the unit from step 5. 7. Refer to “Half-Square Triangles,” page 105, and position a 2 7⁄ 8" white square on a 2 7⁄ 8" light pink square. Stitch, cut, and press. Make two to create four halfsquare triangle units.

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