James S. Trefil's A Scientist at the Seashore (Dover Science Books) PDF

By James S. Trefil

ISBN-10: 048644564X

ISBN-13: 9780486445649

A famous physicist and renowned technology author heads for the seashore to reply to universal and unusual questions on the ocean: why the ocean is salty, how bubbles shape at the water's floor, the place waves come from, and different curiosities of the marine world. 90 figures. 20 halftones. 1987 variation.

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Since we never see the other side, we can conclude that the moon must indeed rotate around its axis, just as the earth does. A , I! Everyone who lived through the sixties will recall some particularly dramatic event associated with the Apollo space program. For most people, it was the moment Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon. For me, though, an earlier event has pride of place. It was during the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968. " The announcer explained that TLI stood for trans-lunar injection.

The effects of friction on the ocean tidal bulge cannot be discerned with a casual glance, but have to be worked out mathematically. It turns out that the effect of friction on tides in a shallow ocean is to make the bulge lag slightly behind its expected position. The net effect of friction on the two tides that exist on the earth is shown in figure 5-7. Both the tidal bulges shown have the effect of slowing down the rotation of the earth. That the earth is not totally despun like the moon THE BACK OF THE MOON / 57 Earth tides ------------------M~ Figure 5-7.

Gravity-pressure competition begins after sort of perturbation, the straight up and down motion that characterized our simple example no longer holds. Now the water moves in a circular path, as shown on the bottom. The water moves upward on the front edge of the wave, then downward on the trailing edge. The net displacement of the water is still zero-it always comes back to the same point at the corresponding point in each wave-but the actual motion is a little more complicated than in the simplest case.

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