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The Napoleonic Wars have been via a nearly remarkable century of political balance. a global Restored analyses the alliances shaped and treaties signed by means of the world's leaders in the course of the years 1812 to 1822, focussing at the personalities of the 2 major negotiators: Viscount Castlereagh, the British international secretary, and Prince von Metter- nich, his Austrian counterpart. Henry Kissinger explains how the turbulent dating among those males, the differing issues in their respective international locations and the altering nature of international relations all inspired the ultimate form of the peace. initially released in 1957.

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The threat to the equilibrium was clear; the need for a coalition obvious. The revolution in the guise of a military dictatorship had to be suppressed whether in the name of the social or the territorial equilibrium. It was therefore only natural that Metternich began his campaign by offering peace in order to create a moral frame work, while Castlereagh advanced a territorial settlement in order to the social element was to remain inadmissible achieve a physical equilibrium. II Castlereagh was at his best when the objectives when there was a Coalition negotiated, were determinate, to be maintained, a settlement to be a dispute to be resolved.

1 The construction of the equilibrium therefore depended not merely on strength but on the resolution to use it. If the fear of France pre vented joint action, perhaps the fear of Russia could create it. "We shall conquer Prussia only in Russia," Metternich said, and began a diplomatic campaign which brought Russian troops to the Prussian borders with an ultimatum of alliance or war. But the King of Prussia refused to accept so patent an infraction of the "normal relations" of states and threatened to resist by force of arms.

It was symbolic of the lessons Austria drew from the war, that the man who more than any other had urged it now became the architect of peace, who would repair by cunning, patience, and manipulation what had been lost by total commitment. least possible IV A in war and menaced by dissolution has two broad choices: open opposition or persuasion. If it treats the defeat as a reflection on its national resolution but not on its strength, it will attempt to make up for its deficiency on the battlefield by a greater mobilization of its resources, a higher development of its morale, until another and more favourable opportunity permits it to try again the contest in arms.

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