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By James R. Otteson

A security of the 'classical liberal' political culture, utilized to cutting-edge ethical and political matters.

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Yes, it can hurt people’s feelings—but sometimes that is exactly what’s required! What the denizens of daytime talk shows say to the contrary notwithstanding, forming and communicating judgments of one another is a crucial and integral part of the process of developing judgment and thus of the fabric of shared moral community. 10 If someone is misbehaving or acting improperly or doing something we disapprove of, we absolutely should let our awareness of that affect our behavior. As the case may be, we should speak up and let the person know, we should stop being his friend, we should ignore or avoid or move away from him, we should make him pay his own bills.

Hayek. Perhaps Max Stirner or some neoclassical economists are examples. For these authors’ works, see the bibliography; for a general discussion of the issues involved, see James Rachels’s Elements of Moral Philosophy, chaps. org/wiki/Homo economicus. Leviathan, part I, chap. xii, p. 76. Ibid. ” One can understand why Hobbes would think that mankind’s natural state was so nasty and brutish: he wrote Leviathan, after all, in 1651, just after the English civil war and the execution of its sitting monarch, Charles I, and the deep religious and political divisions among the people of England— not to mention the unhygienic squalor in which most people lived at the time15 —cannot have given a very good impression of mankind’s “natural” state.

Leave the encouraging of positive virtue to other means. If it should turn out that the “other means” of encouraging virtue—we discuss what those are in due course—turn out not to be as successful or effective as we would like, still a society organized around an exact administration of justice will at least be a safe and peaceful one in which we can carry on with the business of our lives. the rules of justice What exactly are the rules of ‘justice,’22 then? ), and there have traditionally been roughly two ways of addressing the question.

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