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By Dewayne Torgeson

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Agricultural and business purposes Environmental Interactions

summary: Agricultural and commercial functions Environmental Interactions

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Among the oil-borne preservatives, pentachlorophenol and copper naphthenate can be mentioned. Important proprietary preserv­ atives are: Woolman Salts or Tanalith, a mixture of fluoride, arsenate, 1. HISTORY OF FUNGICIDES 23 chromates, and dinitrophenol; the somewhat similar Osmose Salts; chromated zinc chloride; Celcure, an acid copper chromate; and Boliden Salts, a chromated zinc arsenate. Details of the history of these and methods of application may be found in Hunt and Garrett (1953). J. Antibiotics Modern interest in antibiotics began with the discovery of penicillin by Fleming (1929) who noted that the growth of Staphylococcus aureus in a culture contaminated with a Penicillium was gradually disappear­ ing.

34 S. E. A. MC CALL AN McNew, G. L. (1959). Landmarks during a century of progress in use of chemicals to control plant diseases. In "Plant Pathology, Problems and Progress, 1 9 0 8 1958" (C. S. ), pp. 42-54. Univ. Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin. Magdoff, B. , Burchfield, H. , and Schechtman, J. (1958). Chemistry and crystallography of some polybasic cupric calcium sulfates (Bordeaux mix­ tures). Contrib. Boyce Thompson Inst. 19, 267-288. Marsh, R. W. (1938). Some applications of laboratory biological tests to the evaluation of fungicides.

0 Taken as 1435 tons copper sulfate plus 411 tons other Cu compounds with 5 0 % Cu content. h Adjusted to 2 5 % Cu as 3 tons at 7 5 % and 234 tons at 7 5 % . ) 7350 tons Note t h a t there is no entry for Australia where there is a considerable usage of copper compounds. Seed dressing. * 100%. ΊΚ-2%. 4%. n Total production. 0 Fungicides. p Technical. «1955. r Dressing 1/157 tons and dust 0 . 4 - 0 . 2 4 % 49,772 tons. 5%. 7%. QUANTITY DESTINATION 10 1 HUNDRED METRIC TONS 20 30 1 1 40 1 CANADA W//////////////A '/////////////////A CENTRAL AMERICA >////////////////λ >//////////////////, V////////////////AW////////A CARIBBEAN W/////X SOUTH AMERICA '///////////////// EUROPE W////////////A W/////X ASIA V//////////A AUSTRALIANEW ZEALAND 777^ AFRICA W////A '///////A ////////////////// ////////////////// W///A \ \ 1 \ Fia.

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